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What, Why, and How to Apply

After receiving feedback from some of you regarding the sermon-based curriculum, I wanted to make some changes to hopefully enhance your time together as a group. I have modified the study guide to better reflect a standard inductive Bible Study

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Luke 1:26-38 – Accepting God’s Assignment (November 8)

DOWNLOADS Message Notes – Nov 8. The God for Whom Nothing is Impossible OVERVIEW Mary is a young Jewish girl with one thing to her credit…her character. For whatever reason, God chose her to be the mother of Jesus. When

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Revealed: Lesson 3 – Inspiration (September 6th)

Downloads Revealed Group Notes – September 6 (Printable PDF) Revealed Message Notes – September 6   OVERVIEW We know the Bible is “God’s Word,” but how do we know if it is God’s WORDS or man’s words? How did the

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March 24th – Palm Sunday

Downloads Group Notes (PDF) – Palm Sunday, 2013 Message Notes, March 24 (Palm Sunday)   LESSON FOCUS: Palm Sunday – Jesus’ Triumphal Entry OPEN: – Tell of a time when you personally met a famous person.  Were they the same as

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