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March 30th – Romans 13:11-14 (Lesson 51)

Downloads Romans 13, Lesson 51 (PDF) Romans Message Notes, March 30 (PDF)   Lesson 51 Lesson Focus:  Rom 13:11-14  I. Review:  1.  Think back to Rom 12:1-2.  What did Paul encourage us to do in these verses and why did

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March 23rd – Romans 13:1-7 (Lesson 49)

Downloads Romans 13, Lesson 49 (PDF) Romans Message Notes, March 23 Lesson 49 Lesson Focus:  Rom 13:1-7  I. Observing the text: Leaders:  Remind your group that it is important to objectively observe these verses before discussing them.  Some of the

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March 16th – Romans 13:8-10 (Lesson 50)

Lesson 50 Lesson Focus:  Romans 13:8-10  Note:  Chad will be preaching from Rom 13:1-7 on March 23.  Cody Chason is preaching from Rom 13:8-10 this Sunday, March 16.   I.  Observing the Text: -Read Rom 13:1-10.  Leaders:  we are focusing on

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