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January 5 – Romans 10-16-11:6 (Lesson 40)

Downloads Romans 11, Lesson 40 (PDF) Romans Message Notes, January 5 (PDF)   Lesson Focus:             1.  To read/study Rom 10:16-11:6             2.  God has not rejected Israel.  He is faithful to His Word.             3.  There has always been

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November 24th – “How” Series, Part 4.

Downloads Romans 10 – “How” Series, part 4 (PDF) Romans Message Notes, Nov. 24 (PDF)   HOW Series, Part 4 MAIN IDEA: Believe & Call: How do you know that faith is real? (1 Thessalonians 1:1-10; Romans 10:9-15) This is

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November 17 – “How” Series, Part 3

Downloads Romans 10, “How” series, Part 3 (PDF) Romans Message Notes, Nov. 17 (PDF)   “How” Series: part 3 (Rom. 10) LEADERS NOTE: This is an outstanding lesson that was written by Ellen Larkin last year during the Journey.  I

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November 10 – “How” Series, Part 2

Downloads Romans 10 “How” Series, Part 2 (PDF)   “How” Series – Part 2 by Jesse Cragwall This week we are going to focus on the practical application of being sent, as individuals, members of a small group and corporately

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November 3 – “How” series, Part 1

Downloads Romans10 Notes – How series, Part 1 Romans Message Notes, Nov. 3   November 3rd, 2013 by Jesse Cragwall As discussed last week, Paul shows us that in order for people to call upon the name of the Lord

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October 20 – Romans 10:1-13 (Lesson 34)

Downloads Romans 9, Lesson 34 (PDF) Romans Message Notes, October 20   Lesson 34 Lesson Focus:  Rom 10:1-13  1.  Review:  -What was wrong with the way Israel pursued righteousness?  They pursued it by works, not by faith, 9:32.  –What caused

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